About Us

keeley stood in garden wearing a purple top holding bouquet of flowers

Meet the independent

I’m Keeley, the woman behind our independently founded business.

Our Online Florist Delivery Service is ran from our studio/workshop within

West Yorkshire.

We offer seasonal appointments for viewings/collections and events.

We strive for excellence and expert’s in floriculture and horticulture so guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

We stock a seasonal range of fresh flowers, foliage and botanicals creating unique bouquets, floral and botanical creations for all life’s moments, occasions and memories.

We stock seasonal gifts and an ever evolving programme for bloom school and kits.

We are Proudly  Boldly, Optimistically and Opulently evolving as an Independent Business!

We can’t wait to share all the exciting collections and news with you for



Keeley & The BSF Team

Bloom School

As passionate florist we thought why not offer our expertise to others interested within the same field. Here at Bloomindale Florists we have took it upon ourselves to offer private & group workshops. We provide special creative sessions for everyone and it can make for a great evening or daytime fun with either friends or family. We are always looking to grow our services and offer our expertise back to the community.

Our Service

Nationwide Delivery
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Floristry Expertise
We believe everyone should have happines within their life that’s why we provide the same level of attention and care to our customer service as we do to the selection & arrangement of our flower Bouquets.

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