Wedding & Event Terms & Conditions

A booking fee is required upon confirmation of your wedding booking. This is to be done via bank transfer. The booking fee basically covers the time we have spent with you so far and the time spent typing up your proposal. Orders up-to £1000 require a booking fee of £150.00 and order of more than £1000 require a booked fee of £250.00.

2. All booking fees are non-refundable. This is because you are technically paying for services you have already received.

2.a If you cancel your date with us you will not receive your booking back. If for some reason we have to cancel you will receive your booking back.

2.b. Quotes are valid for 14 days.

3. The booking fee is subtracted from your final wedding flower invoice.

4. COVID-19 POLICY: Should you need to postpone your wedding date due to Covid-19 we will try our best to accommodate your new date. Your booking fee will be moved to your new date. If we are not available for your new date you will not receive your booking fee back as it has paid for services already received (Your consultation and admin time spend putting the proposal together) (4. Covid-19 Policy added October 2020)

4a. We will be unable to accommodate any bookings that are postponed to a date after September 11th 2021. If you postpone to a date after the above date you will not receive your booking fee back as it has paid for services already received for your original date.

4b. Should the situation arise when we have already purchased your wedding flowers and the wedding is then postponed last minute due to local or nation restrictions, the flowers purchased belong to you. Once the flowers have been purchased no refund can be given. Once a new date is arranged and agreed the only additional cost to you will be the cost already spent on the flowers and the admin needed to re order the flowers for the new date. This additional cost will be due 2-4 prior to your new date. If we are unable to accommodate a new date 50% of the remaining amount (Minus the cost of the flowers and admin) will be refunded.

5. Prices may vary due to market fluctuation, however no change in price will occur after the final quote and contract has been confirmed by you.

5a. One exception of term 5 is weddings after Brexit as we are unable to predict the impact on imported flower prices. These may require a price alteration to avoid loss on our behalf.

5b. Another exception of term 5 is the moving of your wedding date to a peak time. (for example a Winter date to a Summer date or your new date being near Christmas, Valentines day or Mothers day) This price increased will always be mentioned before we move your date.

6. The final payment is due around 2-4 weeks before the wedding date- after the final consultation.

7. All items/vases/table plans/wood/jugs/pots/table runners/urns ect are hired to you, the client, unless otherwise stated on the quote.

7a. Items hired from Bloomindale will be collected the following day. All items hired must be collected by us or returned. If not a replacement fee for the item will be charged.

7b. Hire of the Floral Canopy as a single item: If the floral canopy is being hired as a single item all postings on social media by other florists and or event stylists that contain said floral canopy must include a credit to Bloomindale. Failure to do so will result in us asking for the post to be removed.

8. All fees will be clearly outlined in your quote and final contract, ensuring no hidden fees or nasty surprises!

9. As fresh flowers are a living product there are occasions that a particular flower may be unavailable. Whilst every effort is made to source the product sometimes we are unable to use a particular flower, in which case we reserve the right to use a similar flower in place of one previously chosen. All fresh flowers are subject to availability and stringent quality checks.

10. We order your flowers approx 7 days before your wedding date, after which no changes can be made to content and quantity.

11. We are not responsible for injuries or damages sustained as a result of broken glass or materials. Liability is limited to replacement of supplied goods and no responsibility will be accepted for any consequential loss.

11a. Any complaints must be made within 24 hours along with photographic evidence.

11b. No responsibility can be taken with regards to poor condition once flowers have been approved

12. Delivery is calculated at 45p per mile and is charged for delivery and collection. Your delivery/ set up charge may also incur extra charges if additional vans are required due to volume.

13. Wedding Flowers shall be delivered to maximum of 4 addresses (Brides location, Grooms location, Wedding venue, Church)

14. It is up to the Client to provide correct locations for deliveries. We shall not take responsibility for lateness caused by an incorrect address.

15. If lateness is caused by incorrect addresses or no recipient present, we do not take responsibility for lateness of other deliveries.

16. It is up to the client to ensure that the venue/church is open for set up.

17. Cancellation after full balance is paid shall be non refundable.

18. Cancellation charges:
• From booking until 6 months prior to event = loss of booking fee
• 3-6 months prior to event = 50% of balance
• 1-3 months = 75% of balance
• Up to 1 month = 100% of total

We calculate this from 6 months because it would be highly unlikely we would take another booking at such short notice. Thus resulting in loss of work.

19. No reductions to the order can be made after the final appointment

20. Once the initial quotation has been given and booking fee paid the total amount can not be reduced by more than 20%. It can also not drop below our £500 minimum spend amount.

21. If the booking fee has been paid you are accepting these terms and conditions whether the form has been returned or not and Vice versa. If the form has been returned but the booking fee not paid you are also agreeing to these terms and conditions.

22. We must be the only florist proving flowers unless this has been previously been discussed and confirmed. This includes event dressers and/or family members.

23. Cake Flowers will be provided individually wired. We are happy to add these to the cake but take no responsibility for any damage to icing. This will always be discussed with the baker chosen.

24. Colours of flowers will always be matched wherever possible to the colours discussed during appointments. Flowers are a natural product and colour variations may happen.

25. Terms and Conditions may be updated at anytime. By paying your booking fee you are agreeing to any changes that may be made. These will always only be minor changes to wording. Any major changes that could effect you will be presented to you first.